Published in The Journal of the Blue Planet February 2003



PeopleÕs Exhibit A:


Dear Ronnie,


After so many weeks on the wagon, donÕt let this be the morning you fall off, my son.  This is the most important day of your life.  DonÕt let it be the one you get drunk and forget to pick me upÑyour life depends on it.


YouÕve accomplished so much in your lifeÑIÕm proud to be your father.  Such a shame to cut it short: alcohol has dissolved your insides and stolen your future.  Now, exhausted by hours on those machines, you canÕt work and your family doesnÕt know you.  My grandchild is growing up without a father.  YouÕre destroying the ones who love you. 


Get your new organs and repair their world.  YouÕre ready; youÕve been typed and matched.  YouÕre special, almost unique; there are so few like you and me.  You waste away every day you wait for that rare donor.  I canÕt let this continue; I canÕt watch you die.


I have to help.  IÕll aim high so I wonÕt damage any parts you need.  Please be on time; organs donÕt stay fresh for long.


Your loving father,

Sidney Coyne


PeopleÕs Exhibit B: the canceled checks of the deceased.

The People call Special Agent Andrew North of the FBI forgery laboratory.