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Distinguished Toastmaster Woodrow Wilson has delivered more than a hundred speeches to enthusiastic audiences. His interests are eclectic. He talks about science and history, about cooking and more.


Ignorance isnt bliss, he says. Technical ignorance breeds fear of technology and it holds you back. Rocket scientist for the Army and the Air Force/contributor to military medical research programs: Wilson brings science to nontechnical audiences. For example

      We are not alone, the case for extraterrestrial life out there.

      Use only as directed, the problem of drug-resistant germs.


Not mired in the past, Wilson knows those who will not study history are doomed to repeat it. Not just dates and places, he brings history to life with talks like

      20,000 feet under the sea, the story of the Confederate submarine CSS Hunley.

      Witch, early persecutions of witches in New England.


A chemist and a foodie means creativity in the kitchen. Forty years of it are recorded in his The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook. Its a Toastmaster speech that got out of hand.  He tells that tale and more in speeches like

      Tomatoes flamb, a cooking demonstration of a fast side dish.

      Roasting a pig, the comedy of trying to get  permits for a pit barbecue.


His stories entertain, inspire and inform. A few of his recent ones are

      Failure, inspiration from famous failures like Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan.

      The Bad-at-MathTax, youre not going to win the lottery.


Interested? Woody Wilson would love to talk with your group. E-mail me about your interests and lets get started.