Earth, we have a problem. When the Mars Launch Vehicle aborts, the first Mars team is marooned on Mars.


Earth is a hundred million miles away. Rescue is months—maybe even years—away. How can the crew survive on the leftovers from the mothballed Mars base? What about the renewable resources? Can the astronauts live off the land with winter coming?


Rescue mission or body recovery? NASA engineers work around the clock searching for ways to keep the Mars crew alive until help arrives.


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The sky is teeming with life. Why hasn't anyone visited earth yet? What will they look like if they do come? How will we communicate with them?


The sea is teeming with life. What's down there? The sea is more alien than the moon or mars. More people have visited the moon than have been to the bottom of the sea. More robots have explored Mars than the Marianas Trench. Aliens are closer than you think.


The earth is teeming with life. How do six billion people survive and prosper? It ain't brain surgery. Health is a team sport. Don't sit on the bench.


Reflections of a rocket scientist. Essays on science, engineering and medicine—accessible to young adults, but meant for everyone.


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What do dolphin scientists want to know about humans? What lengths will they go to for the answers? Fish Story is a role reversal adventure of people kept by dolphins. It is the story of people kept in their laboratories, of people kept in their zoos, and of people kept in their backyards.


Dolphins live in a world more alien than the moon or Mars. They have ruled this vast domain for thousands of years. They share an amicable relationship with recent human trespassers into their territory. But, what do dolphins really think about us alien invaders? Do they welcome us? Do they tolerate us? Do they fear us? Are they concerned about us? …or just curious? What do dolphin scientists want to know about humans? What lengths will they go to for the answers?


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The Centers for Disease Control detects the outbreak of a strange fatal disease; their computers identify it as pulmonary anthrax. The epicenter near the historical center of US biological weapons implicates the Army. This Utah flu can't be anthrax, the Army contends…and if it is, it isn't theirs.


CDC’s Dr. Jack Reagan and the Army’s Lt.Col. Uma Hees track the epidemic to a zealot with a history of violence in Latin political causes. Sick with the disease, he infected fellow passengers on flights from Barcelona to New York, then on to Salt Lake City and San Diego. Jack and Uma must determine whether he is an innocent victim or a kamikaze for Basque terrorists – whether the epidemic is natural or the first wave of an attack. Buy it.


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A gourmet meal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  For the cost of burgers out, you can dine on filet mignon at home. The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook shows the way. Recipes simple enough they are a joy to cook, and tasty enough they are a joy to eat.  Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, or having the boss over for the first time, you’ll be proud to serve from The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook.


Enjoy restaurant quality meals without the quality restaurant prices.  For the cost of tax, tip, and parking: home cooking with The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook puts dinner on your table.


With steps like “open beer, drink half,” The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook puts fun back in the kitchen.  Enjoy serving a epicurean delight, and keep the change.


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No contact with the alien ship parked in earth orbit—an astronaut team discovers why. Its crew died in transit. Exposed to whatever killed them and coming down with something, would you let the astronauts come home? Quarantined and running out of air, would they share your feelings?


Follow Col. Rex Stone and Dr. Dawn Thomas from remote observation aboard the International Space Station to direct exploration inside the alien craft. Join them as they learn about the alien's world--an earth-like liquid planet of alpha centuri.


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Early Morning Entertaining At Its Best


Whether it’s an intimate brunch for two or a holiday breakfast for the whole family, your table deserves something special. Champagne Brunch offers some suggestions to make the occasion special. There’s a selection of dishes you don’t serve every morning.  They’re fast and easy to prepare. They’re made out of things you probably have around the kitchen. Let Champagne Brunch create memorable mornings for you. It’s free with your eZine subscription.

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Short Stories

 "Water Wars" The Journal of the Blue Planet June 2002 describes an encounter with Carl Scarlak, the crazy neighbor everyone has. Read it.

 "The First Page" The Great Blue Beacon June 2002, a sermon about the most important page. Read it.

 “Stormy Weather” The Journal of the Blue Planet February 2003 is a Valentine’s love story. Read it.

 “Love Letter” The Journal of the Blue Planet February 2003 is a short, dark mystery.  Read it.


Weekly eZines

The Mad Scientist

Food 4 Thought


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not with a bang, with a whimper, T. S. Elliot was right! In "With a Whimper" politics and personalities limit human response to a new environmental hazard, a novel life form with no natural enemies. Its wastes have devastated the North Atlantic. New York City fell first; New Jersey, New England and old England followed.


EPA responds with a crash program. Politics and personalities deliver too little too late. The pollutant takes the Delaware Bay and the Chesapeake, and accelerates. A new administration is reluctant to address the problem at first. They’ll make it a priority in the next fiscal year – there won’t be anymore next fiscal years!